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Health Care

Our Printer Service Plus Program offers savings of 30-40% on the cost of supplies along with technical support.

Health Care Printer Service Plus Program

The Health Care Printer Service Plus program is made possible through the partnership of two companies:
Ink and Toner Alternative and Tech-Optics Inc.

Buying Remanufactured

Key Service Points:

How To Get Started with HCPSP

Simply send Ink and Toner Alternative a usage report and we will create a report comparing your previous costs with what your cost would be with ITA. Jason Bohn, Owner and President of ITA, will personally meet with you to discuss exactly how the program works. Jaime Vendeville, Controller, will provide the cost analysis.

When you are ready to go forward, we will prepare a Master Service Agreement (MSA) to be signed by both parties. At this time, ITA will begin the interview process to hire a technician. If we offer employment to an individual, you will have the option of meeting the prospective employee before any final decisions are made. If you do not approve of the candidate, we will continue our employment search until we find the right technician for you.

If we have a printer that is under warranty, will ITA assume that warranty?

ITA assumes all warranties of printers using our cartridges. Cost of parts is included.

What other costs will we incur?

Services are provided through the agreement to purchase all imaging supplies through Ink and Toner Alternative.

From where will the technician work?

The size of the hospital (volume of need) will decide whether services will come from --- scheduled contacts or an on-site technician.

Will the technician install the toners for the end user?

Yes, and provide preventative maintenance.

Who is responsible for shipping empty cartridges back to ITA?

ITA will collect all empties and ship them back.